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My name is Linda Eriksson and im a 100-procent dragracer. This year we are going to try and drive in the class Competition Eliminator, in the index class D/D. The car i drive is a dragster that is made by Neil & Parks in USA about year 1989. The engine that drives it all forward is a 281 kubik inch Chevrolet SmallBlock who dilivers about 620 horsepower. The force is going thru a Powerglide gearbox, (the new coan racing gearbox is under construction) whit an 8-inch turbin that sends it on to a 9" rear axle of the brand, Ford (whit 5:28 in gear ratio). The Chassie is made of materiale Cromemolybeden (stronger and lighter than steel) and the body in aluminium. All this is to keeep the weight down. On the strip, 1/4 miles, we got a class index on 7.84 seconds, and we have to drive a bit under that to compete in the top.

Our goal is to drive faster, but infront of all win!



My history

It all started when i was 10 years old and sat down in a junior dragster. At the age of 16 we bought a super comp dragster, and we started to drive fast. Next year, 2010, will be the fifth year for us, and we are making progress all the time. If you see me and my team out on any racetrack, you are more than welcome to ask some questions or just say hello.





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